Thoughts about Rehearsals

It’s late on a Friday night, like my cast mates I’m just getting home from rehearsals.  As the third week of rehearsals got underway, cast members are discussing what they are struggling with, are we singing the right notes in the song, are we memorizing our lines or are we getting the choreography right.  As the week progresses, we struggle in areas and hit the mark in other areas.  One night you leave rehearsals, telling yourself, WE GOT THIS!  The very next night, you leave thinking, UGH! We’re not getting this, we’re off key, we’re missing lines, not moving on cue etc. We have one more rehearsal this week, its choreography, can we remember our moves or are we going to forget everything, and disappoint the Director, Choreographer and ourselves?  There is a saying “practice makes perfect” and let’s just say it is true, as we performed the numbers  “C’mon Everybody” and “Burnin Love”  stopping to correct our moves, tweaking sections to make it flow better, then running the number over and over and over again.  It starts to come together and you realize how impressive your cast mates are, this is sounding and looking great and the audience is going to love this show!

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